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We are a modern and thriving company on the IT market. Our company exists since 2014. Our main domain is the sale of computer hardware as well as IT support for companies and the service of this equipment. We work with many contractors in the industry, thanks to which we are able to provide you with services at the highest level. Thanks to many years of experience of our employees, we can guarantee the reliability of our systems, comprehensive technical service and a wide range of trade and training.

Sales of computer equipment

Our department of outsourcing services and a sales department cooperate with each other to choose the right and thoughtful hardware configuration for you. We work with many leading wholesalers as well as distributors of computer hardware and software. We expect attractive discounts for regular customers!


We offer IT services in the form of IT services, IT outsourcing consisting in IT services that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. We offer you permanent subscription contracts for IT administration which will provide you with security of interest.

Service of computer devices

We offer you a service of computer devices. The high quality of our services is what sets us apart from others in the IT industry. We specialize in laptop service, notebook service and printer service. Professional service is waiting for you! Call and get more information!